Keeping your body well hydrated is important for a couple of reasons:

Water prevents pimples and adolescent acne from making cameo appearances on your face.

It works like Drano in the body, pushing out fat and waste in the intestines.

For exercisers, sure water is important to keep you hydrated. However, also keep in mind that drinking water keeps your joints lubricated during exercise too!

Around 2-3pm or so that tired lazy feeling happens at work right?  Try drinking a glass of water instead of reaching for coffee or the receptionist’s sugar-loaded candy dish.  Tired feelings and headaches are usually the body saying, “Hey, give me some water!!!”

Caffeinated beverages and alcoholic beverages act as diuretics in the body, which means they actually work to dehydrate you. For every cup of coffee or glass/shot/bottle of liquaaa, be sure to follow it with a glass of water.

And I don’t follow the 4-6 glasses of water rule, I just keep a big jug of water with me at all times and take it to the head whenever I’m thirsty.